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Welcome to the udside website.

This website provides Key Stage 2 learning resources for both pupils and teachers throughout the UK. Curriculum content and design is broadly similar throughout the UK but there are national differences. Focusing on promoting positive and healthy lifestyles and drug education for years 5 and 6, the udside website has been designed to support these national differences.

In England and Wales each National Curriculum subject has attainment targets that define what pupils should know and understand at certain stages of their education.

In Scotland there is no legally prescribed national curriculum but the Scottish Executive Education Department sets out guidelines for teachers.

In Northern Ireland the current Curriculum requirements for positive and healthy lifestyles and drug education use cross-curricula themes within subject areas. However, in 2003 a specific programme of Personal Development is being phased in. This site has been specifically designed to deliver on these new and exciting requirements. The appropriate site alterations to Curriculum links will be made when the new Curriculum is widely implemented.

Each lesson within this site has Curriculum links set against the requirements of all four countries. These links enable focused classroom delivery and are available from the teacher support area of this site.

The key objective is to provide the pupils with accurate information from which they can make informed choices when faced with moments of decision - we give you the facts, then YOU DECIDE (hence udside).

The website provides an interactive range of entertaining, informative and challenging lessons for KS2 years 5 and 6. These lessons are structured into 5 levels each progressing through the curriculum areas exploring drugs education, healthy lifestyles and citizenship.

Teachers are provided with sample lesson plans, guidance and follow-up ideas, curriculum links, learning objectives and resources for each level.

Support is offered to empower both pupils and teachers in the delivery of this sensitive subject area. Importantly the teacher can select which drugs are to be mentioned (and which are to be omitted) in the awareness session on the website.

For a free preview of the website your school will have been sent a free preview username and password. This should be entered in the appropriate boxes on the teacher login page.

If you do not have your free password then Contact Us udside@theorangegroup.com

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How to Subscribe

Simply complete and return the attached order form enclosing a cheque for £100 + VAT. On receipt of this we will immediately send you a VAT receipt and confirmation of your password and school reference code.

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LEA advisers should contact us directly to discuss multiple school access.
Contact Us: udside@theorangegroup.com

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Licence Agreement

The following points constitute the non-negotiable terms of the udside.co.uk user licence agreement.
By placing the order your school accepts the following terms and conditions.

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What is d:side?

d:side is the UK programme of the international children's charity Children in Crisis (CIC).

d:side is an interactive drug and alcohol education programme for children and young people. It encourages them to make positive, informed decisions
about their lifestyles. Using a range of interactive teaching resources, d:side educators employ positive teaching techniques and advanced learning
methods to support teachers in the delivery of this sensitive subject matter.

d:side was developed in conjunction with children, parents, teachers and other professionals involved in the education and welfare of children. The programme has resulted in an expansion of our work in Leeds and the introduction of the programme in London and overseas. The programme focuses on developing the child's knowledge, skills and attitude equipping them with the appropriate life skills to successfully manage the issues raised.

d:side reflects the governments efforts to make information about drugs and
alcohol available to children at an early age.

The d:side team have worked collectively to produce the factual content, lesson plans and teacher's tips.

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